Listening to music has never been better!

Napster is the premium music streaming service dedicated to bringing you the best new music anywhere, anytime. Search for your favourite songs and discover new music fast with our intuitive navigation system. Enjoy curated playlists and ad-free radio stations from our team of music experts.

Recommendations from our music experts

Find out about the latest trends in music and discover new artists with recommendations from our team of music experts. Choose from our vast array of curated playlists to suit any mood or occasion and get closer to your favourite artists with exclusive interviews and NapsterLive sessions.

New releases

Every week, Napster brings you the latest new releases and highlights the best songs in our ‘New & Good’ playlist.



Audio quality

Need more bass? No problem. You can alter this in the app settings alongside a variety of other options if you wish. Plus you can choose the audio quality of your streams and downloads to up to 320 kbps.

Online & offline

Save your mobile data usage by downloading your favourite songs whilst on WLAN and listening to them offline when you are on the move. Just click on the '+' symbol next to every song, album or playlist you want to download.

Share your music

Follow your friends or other Napster users and discover new music from their listening history. Or just share your favourite music to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Your music library

Create your own music library and as many playlists as you want. Find more music to your taste by exploring similar artists recommendations.

Your favourites

Save your favourite songs by clicking on the heart button. You can also choose to automatically download your favourites in the app settings so you can listen to them in offline mode.

Radio Stations

Listen to our curated radio stations, artist stations or create your own station with your favourite songs.

One account = many possibilities

Listen to your music across all of your devices with one account. Whether you are on the sofa with your tablet, have your mobile phone on the train or are on the computer at work – your entire music library is always synchronised.

Import your playlists to Napster

You want to sign up to Napster, but don’t want to lose any of your playlists that you have created on other services?

No problem! Import your playlists to your Napster account with our brilliant new tool.

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