Day Of The Dead by Hollywood Undead


War Child

Hollywood Undead

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Label: Interscope Records*
Nü-metal lives! At least nü-metal with hurt-sounding screamo choruses midway between Eminem and Linkin Park, plus some fancy dance moves: The dubstepped "up in the club" V.I.P. drunk-crunk pop of "War Child" sounds like a bid for Top 40 radio. Even more than their Limp Bizkit-era predecessors, these gold-to-platinum L.A. masked men really seem to wish they were N.W.A., especially early on the album, looking through bars at their city in the vocodered "Usual Suspects" and ghost-riding the whip while "packin' heat 'cause it's cold out here" in "How We Roll." Later, they turn more heartfelt.

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About this album

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