Pop 2 by Charli XCX


Pop 2

Charli XCX

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Label: Atlantic Records Uk
Frontloading this album-marketed-as-mixtape with its biggest-name collaborators Carly Rae Jepsen and Tove Lo, Brit warbler Charli XCX racks up at least 13 guest stars in 10 songs – almost all women, generally from across the electro-pop diaspora (Finland, Germany, Denmark, Chairlift’s singer from Colorado), but including a film maker, a choreographer/model, a Brazilian drag queen, and a poetry-slamming transgender alt-rap performance artist. Synth beats frequently hint at industrial clank and glitch; voices at half-asleep pillow talk that notably references breaking-up reception in “Lucky” and phone sex in “Delicious” “I Got It” is basically electroclash, but the new-wave-catchy “Femmebot” and cute and light “Unlock It” pop the most.

About this album


About this album

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