T R A P S O U L by Bryson Tiller


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Label: TrapSoul/RCA Records
Bryson Tiller hails from the post-Drake/The Weeknd wave of R&B, pocked with YouTube-excavated loops and hazy singing that can teeter into swag raps. He exhibits those clichés, but he has a firm grasp of traditional songwriting, too. He mixes a lyric about wooing another man’s girl with an intoxicatingly druggy tempo on “Don’t,” acts insouciant over a Timbaland-helmed “Street Fighter” beat on “Sorry Not Sorry,” and pleads for forgiveness over a blurry sample of Submotion Orchestra’s “All Yours” on “Right My Wrongs.” “I’m so different,” he claims on “Let ‘Em Know,” “Not like them other n*gg*s.”

About this album


About this album

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